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Keep agents accountable. Stay on top of every new lead. Gamified Experience.

Real Estate Lead Management – on the go!

Home buyers and sellers want to work with real estate agents who they can trust to help them navigate a competitive real estate environment. That’s why responding to new inquiries as soon as they come in is critical to acquiring new clients.

With the RED mobile app, your agents can receive and process incoming leads with an easy, step-by-step process.

A lead comes in!

The lead is routed based on your custom rules.

The agent receives a push notification.

The agent can accept the new lead or decline, but they must ACT FAST!

The lead’s contact information and search history are visible – and now it’s time to call.

The agent records data on the interaction and is prompted to plan their next follow up step!

Agents are scored on their lead follow up – empowering managers and brokers to have a key performance metric for every agent on their team.

The Best Lead Routing Engine in Real Estate

Take Control of How Your Real Estate Brokerage is Run

Design and control exactly how leads are routed to agents in your business. Our best-in-class tools can manage your organic and paid lead traffic and ensure they get to the right agent every time.

Easy integrations allow you and your agents to pull in leads from any source so you can manage everything in one place.
Automatically route leads to agents based on ZIP code, neighborhood, lead type (buyer or seller), price range – or any other criteria that you define within the tool.
Create unique lead distribution rules for specific offices or teams.
Recall leads distributed to agents that aren’t accepted and processed within a specific time range.
Use our newest lead routing rule – shotgun lead routing to improve response times. The lead is sent out to multiple agents and the first to accept wins the lead.

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