Get to know us.

Real Estate Digital is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Constellation Web Solutions Inc. and is part of the Constellation Software Real Estate Group, a leading provider of scalable SaaS products in the real estate industry.

Real Estate Digital is an integrated digital platform that connects every major touch point in the real estate process, from the initial search to closing, for buyers and sellers alike. Revolutionizing the real estate experience, making the task of buying, selling or renting more transparent and less complex by bridging the online and offline components of the transaction cycle for a more digitally streamlined and connected real estate ecosystem. Consumers can access the platform on desktop or by using the iOS mobile app.

We don’t just sell technology. We work closely with clients and partners to identify problems, develop solutions and uncover opportunities.

The most effective standards for
excellence are self-imposed and self-judged.

Everything we are doing is evolving towards a common goal. And that is to be a premier solution provider for Real Estate Enterprises to facilitate more (and better) leads and the tools necessary to convert those leads into happy buyers and sellers.